Ching Juhl 陈清 is a Chinese American filmmaker, video journalist, musician and YouTube content creator based in New York City.

As founder of the video production company Juhl Media, Juhl has created and published more than 730 videos with topics such as current issues, education and political discussions on social media platforms. She has also hosted more than 180 live interviews on the Juhl Media YouTube channel since the Covid pandemic began.

As a concert violist, Juhl performed and toured for ten years as a founding member of the NYC-based Jade String Trio. Before this, she served as a member of the Phoenix and Shanghai Symphonies, as well as the Grand Teton Music Festival and Rod Stewart​ and Perry Como​ ​orchestras​​.

Juhl received her film education from New York University, and holds a Master’s degree in viola performance from Indiana University and a BM from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Juhl also taught as a professor of music at St. Joseph’s College and Long Island University in New York for 15 years. She currently directs and teaches violin and viola at Music Studio Manhattan.

Ching Juhl has been creating films and documenting her life for over three decades. Since 2015, she began to utilize her iPhone to create more raw and in-the-moment films. Since then, she has shot and edited more than 100 videos solely on iPhone, and hosts Smartphone Video Production workshops in colleges, festivals and on the app Clubhouse.

Active on social media, Ching Juhl can be reached on Clubhouse, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, WeChat and YouTube @juhlmedia or @chingjuhl