"A beautiful film that will make you believe in people."

Andrew Yang 

"Ching Juhl is a true warrior for humanity! She has been an inspiring figure to me during this movement!"

Yoon Jae Lee, conductor

"It's a great story about political canvassing during a primary, and the friendships and adventures that follow. A must watch for anyone who thought about becoming politically active but never participated in any political movement before."

Peter Mancu, math professor

"Unbelievable tale of a courageous woman who upended her life, like the countless others documented in My Yang Gang Diary in dedication to a man who she, and millions of people across the country agreed, has concrete and creative solutions to the very real coming of the machines for our jobs ushering in the 4th Industrial Revolution."

Brian Mannix, producer

"Ching Juhl's storytelling is unparalleled. With enthusiasm, smarts and an iPhone in hand she tells a compelling story about canvassing and Asian Americans in politics. She is a force both on screen and off."

Rebecca McNulty Randall, manager

"Ching Juhl is a trailblazing filmmaker, telling a heartwarming and heartbreaking story with device from the plam of her hands.

Hiromi Okuyama, content creator/actor

"A scrapbook of a film chronicling the raw passion, enthusiasm, dedication, optimism and engagement of the supporters of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang who were galvanized and motivated by a set of ideas and principles rather than a cult of personality. 

My Yang Gang Diary is a story of what we knew as normal prior to mid to late March which changed everything however the movement sparked by Andrew Yang’s policy platform ideas and the message to MATH (Make America Think Harder) lit the the fire of the YangGang which still burns bright today with the Forward Party!"

  Nick Rivera, voiceover actor

"What I liked about the movie is that it is not so much about the content of the political ideas, but mostly gives a very good impression on how 'normal people' help to promote their favorite party. I think that insight is what makes this documentary really unique. 

For me, as a non US citizen it is a rare chance to see this and have the feeling I am living along with this group of people. There was one scene that I rewatched as to my surprise even the American snow and clowds seemed to have a sharp edge. That was probably a coincidence, but I loved how that came into the movie. Mostly I see that this is a unique document about individuals that seem to share one big connection. Probably sociologists or antropologist will love to watch this."

Helga Smith, screenwriter